• Sandy Seefeldt

Baby H is here!

The excitement of becoming parents to your first child is one that you never forget! I know that when our first child was born, we could not wait. I remember being terrified, nervous and filled with such anticipation and excitement...all at once! I wasn't quite as terrified or nervous when my other three children made their appearances, but the excitement and anticipation was just as high.

Baby H is firstborn for his parents. I can already tell that they are amazing parents. During his newborn lifestyle session, you could feel the love, excitement, hopes and dreams that mom and dad already have for him. He is one lucky little dude!

A lifestyle photo session is a great way to remember those special times in your families life. Shot in your home, you have a piece of the moments in your life forever. Contact me if you would like to schedule one for your family.

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