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Isaac and Morgan say "I Do"

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

October 5, 2019 was suppose to be the perfect fall day for an outdoor wedding on the golf course greens by the lake. It ended up being a rainy, wet, cold, windy day...perfect to flip plans and have a beautiful indoor wedding in the MAAC at Milnor! Considering these two probably spend half of their life in the MAAC growing up, it was a fitting substitute. Their families rolled up their sleeves and made an amazing wedding day for this sweet couple!

Isaac and Morgan were high school sweethearts,. I have known them both all their lives, and have loved watching them grow from little kids into such amazing adults. Living in a small town for so many years, our lives have been woven together through school, church, community events, and of course my children. It was such an honor to be asked to take these special photos for Morgan and Isaac. I hope you enjoy a small glimpse into their special day.

Getting Ready...

Morgan was blessed to have so many special people helping her prepare for the day. They each added an important part to getting her ready to walk down the aisle. They did so with so much love and laughter. Isaac had a little help too!

The First Look...

one of my favorite parts of weddings! Capturing that first moment he sees the bride dressed for this special day.

The Formals...

they are just that...formal! I like to make sure there are some fun and playful shots as well. It is important to look back and find the laughter and joy in the memories of such a special day. It was hard to pick just a few!

The Ceremony....

even though Morgan and Isaac did not get the outdoor wedding they dreamed of, it was such a beautiful ceremony. You could feel the love of their family and friends. (Click the arrows to see all the photos.)

Shots and bar walks!...

After the wedding, the wedding party walked a short distance to Hump's Bar & Grill to enjoy some time together, to tie up the train, unwind and toast to the "I do's". When you turn around and see the bride walking across the bar, you know it's going to be fun! Oh...and there was also the gal in the long blonde hair....hmmmm! Fun group making fun memories!

The Reception...

back to the MACC for a grand entry, to eat delicious burgers and and sumptuous cake, celebrate with friends and family...and kiss (they even got the sweetest demonstration)! So much laughter and so much fun for all!

The Dance...

First dance, dances with parents, kids twirling and swirling; when your uncle is in a band, it's a fun time for everyone! Nasty Habit got the whole crowd moving and grooving. (Click the arrows for more)

And as soon as the day started, it felt like it was over. Love was celebrated. Friends and family renewed their acquaintances. Morgan and Isaac had a beautiful day. I wish you a future filled with much love and happiness. Thank you again for letting me capture these special memories!



(Thank you to my daughter Anna for coming with me, and helping me by being my assistant and second shooter. You rock!)

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