• Sandy Seefeldt

Isaac & Morgan's Engagement

I have been blessed to know Isaac and Morgan since they were just toddlers. They were high school sweet hearts, and have known each other all their lives. Now that is the perfect beginning to a beautiful love story!

They are both so kind and caring. Anyone that meets them will know this. They each spend their lives working hard to make other's lives better. I have had so many opportunities through the years to see first-hand the joy they bring to others.

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They love animals, and have two absolutely adorable pups...and puppies on the way!

They were so fun to watch as they laugh and enjoyed each other. You have no idea how hard it was to get this serious photo!

I can't wait for October to capture the memories of your special day, Isaac and Morgan.

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Enjoy the memories you make along the way. Congratulations on your engagement! ~Sandy

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