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Jace & Megan - The Wedding

It was such an honor to be a part of Megan and Jace's wedding day. I had never met Megan, but knew her family well growing up. I have never photographed a wedding before, and had a hard time saying yes. But, for some reason I did, and I am so happy that I did, so I got the chance to know this amazing couple and be a part of their special day. When we met to go through plans for her wedding, I instantly felt like I have known Megan all of her life. A few months later, when I met Jace at their engagement shoot, I felt the same. They are both such warm and caring people. God's plan definitely was for them to be husband and wife. They compliment each other perfectly.

It was hard going through photos to pick my favorites to include in this blog, so I tried to have a variety. Sit back and enjoy some special moments (and some fun) from Jace and Megan's special day.

(Be sure to watch for arrows to see all the photos in groupings.)

The First Looks

Megan had two special "first looks" she wanted captured. The first was with her dad. Gary and Megan have such a special bond and have been through so much together. Megan is the youngest in her family. When she was 14, and the rest of her siblings were off in the world, her beautiful mother, Becky, was diagnosed and lost her battle to cancer within a few months. I always looked up to and admired Becky growing up. She was a beautiful person inside and out. It was such a blessing to capture this moment and feel her presence. Megan and Jace were married on June 22, 2019, the same date that Megan's parents were married back in 1974.

Next came the first look with Jace. These two were so fun to watch. Megan's excitement for Jace to see her, and watching Jace's reaction when he saw her. He was so moved. There may have been a few others that were moved too (be sure to check out the windows) Haha!

The Formals

We headed into beautiful St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Devil's Lake for formals. Megan is an absolutely stunning bride. She looks so much like her mama. Jace has the handsome groom look down pat. What a beautiful couple!

The junior bridesmaids and ring bearers were nieces and nephews and as cute as can be. They sure adore their special aunt and uncle.

The wedding party was so much fun! We did serious poses and a few fun poses, and they were all such good sports. You can tell how much they love and admire Megan and Jace.

Megan and Jace are blessed with such wonderful families that love and support them. Sorry Wald kids, I couldn't resist the last photo as I think it is my favorite!

The Ceremony

Father Wilhelm did an amazing job at the wedding mass. It was one of the most beautiful wedding masses I have ever been to. I love the looks on Megan and Jaces faces as the doors were opened and Megan headed down the aisle. Such and exciting moment for them!

The Cove

After the wedding mass, the wedding party loaded the blue party bus and headed out to Bobbers at The Cove to relax and take a few photos by the water. I think we have some former cheerleaders! Did I mention how much FUN this group was???!!!

So happy to finally be husband and wife!

The Reception

We all headed back into Devil's Lake to a huge crowd of friends and family. Cupcakes, candy, sweet treats, popcorn, cotton candy, a delicious meal and beautiful decorations made the evening even more delightful.

The cake cutting started out a little worrisome, but it ended well (all in fun!).

The Dance

The first dance was Jace and his mom, followed by Megan and her dad. The little nieces and nephews watched with their eyes glued as their new aunt and uncle shared their first dance.

And they danced the night away, and lived happily, ever after!

Thank you again for letting me capture your wedding memories Megan & Jace! May God bless you both as you begin your lives as husband and wife.


(A special thank you to Cara Z for agreeing to be my second shooter and doing such a great job!)

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