• Sandy Seefeldt

Josh & Madie Say I Do!

It was such an honor to capture this special time in Josh and Madie's life. They are so perfect for each other with their strong faith and quick laughter. Although Covid made for a different day than the vision they originally had, they did an amazing job of making the day extra special for them, their family and friends.

The wedding was held at St. Anne & Joachim's Catholic Church in Fargo. Even though it was every other pew, they were filled with people who truly loved them. The nuptial mass was absolutely beautiful, and the presence of God was everywhere.

A very small reception with family and the wedding party was held at the Hilton Garden Inn. Laughter was the main course and love was abundant for dessert. Hopefully they will treasure the memories of their special day forever!

Thank you Josh and Madie! May your life as husband and wife be forever blessed.


Getting Ready and First Looks....I just love when a brides does a first look with her dad too!

St. Anne & Joachim's is a stunning place for formals

Special moments with special saints.

The Sacrament of Matrimony

Love of Family

Outdoor Photos (thankfully it wasn't too cold for January!)

Fun, Food, Cake, Kisses and Dancing

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 God Bless you Josh & Madie!

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