• Sandy Seefeldt

Miss Zoie: Beautiful Inside and Out

I had such a fun session with Miss Zoie and her mom! Zoie got a new dress for her BIO Girls banquet and to wear for Easter. What a great excuse to take photos of this sweet girl! She is beautiful inside and out, and when you get one of her contagious smiles, it will brighten your day!

Thanks for letting me capture your special memories!

About BIO Girls:

I have heard bits and pieces about BIO girls through the past few years. I just though they were young girls running and getting fit. Mom was talking about the group, and I was inspired to take a closer look.

The following information is from the biogirls.org website and facebook page. I found their mission and program very inspiring and wish I had know of such a program when my daughter was younger.

"Believing In Our Girls and giving them the confidence to be themselves; Beautiful Inside and Out!"

"62% of girls suffer from low self-esteem. It's an epidemic. That's why BIO Girls exists. Self-Esteem peaks at age 9 and plummets by age 12.  We work with girls during this vital time in development to help them maintain a healthy self-esteem."

"BIO Girls is a 12 week program for girls in grades 2-6 that empowers adolescent girls though life-skills curriculum, positive mentoring, Christian guidance and training for a local 5K race."

"The faith-based lessons cover important life skills, such as Leadership, Community Engagement, Nutrition, Goal Setting, Stress Management, Real Beauty and Kindness."

The girls do not have to be athletes or runners. The 5k is about setting goals and finishing the race to build self-esteem.

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