• Sandy Seefeldt

November Beach Wedding - The Howards

I love the North Shore and Duluth area, so when my great-niece and her fiancé decided to change their wedding from April 2021 to November 1, 2020, I was completely in! Covid is sure making it so hard for couples to plan :(

It was such a fun, relaxed day. They planned a simple ceremony at 1:00 on the beach with parents and siblings. I will admit I was pretty nervous about what November 1 would bring...my mind imagined freezing in a snowstorm with ice everywhere, but we were blessed with a beautiful, sunny day with a lot of wind...but I will take that!

Ashley was a gorgeous bride and Sam a handsome groom. Together they are the sweetest couple. It is so much fun to watch them together and see how in love they are!

Enjoy seeing a peek at their special day.

Getting ready at the hotel.

Having sisters makes getting ready a snap!

Pictures on the beach before the ceremony. Lots and lots of sun!

The ceremony was so simple but beautifully done.

More pictures with family at the beach after the ceremony.

We headed to lunch "covid style" in our masks!

Finally, we headed back to the beach to take more photos as the sun went down.

The day ended with a first dance on the shores of Lake Superior and dreaming about their future together!

Thank you so much Ashley and Sam for letting me be a part of your special day! God bless you both.


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